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Designed to collect, filter and reclaim mist generated from machines using oil-base, synthetic, semi-synthetic, or water-soluble coolants.

■ Three-stage filtration for high filtration efficiency and optimum filter life.

■ Versatile design handles coolant mist, wetted dust and swarf, liquids and smoke in applications up to 6000 cfm.

■ High efficiency airfoil fan maximizes performance and reduces operating costs.

■  Vertical orientation enhances filter drainage and improves vee-bag filter life.

■  Hinged access doors makes filter changeout simple and easy.

■  Variety of design layouts and filter choices for both flexibility and expandability.

■  Standard Magnehelic gauge indicates when filter maintenance is required.

■  Recirculation of clean air reduces the need for costly make-up air.

■  Powder coated finish is durable and chemical resistant.

Modular mist collector designed for manufacturers generating coolant, oil, and liquid mist from a wide variety of applications.

■  Grinding                                ■  Metalworking

■  Laser fumes                           ■  Pharmaceutical

■  Machining                             ■  Soldering


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