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The basic features of the dust bag

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The basic features of the dust bag

The dust bag says that it is a bag that can filter. Under such preconditions, the basic requirements of the bag under actual conditions should be met, but the efficiency and frequency of such bag use are different. Because the materials they make are made of fiber or felt, the main pursuit is an efficient filtration method that facilitates the peeling of dust or the durability.

The distinctive feature of the dust bag is that it is made of a very fine fiber or a filter bag in the form of oil absorption, mainly through the necessary filter layer, wire mesh, etc., mainly for a lot of liquids. The grease or dust is designed, but the material has basically reached 80% of the void ratio, which has greatly improved the service life of the equipment, and its cleanliness is also many times its own weight, that is, according to the actual situation. The fluid is determined by the properties of the grease, which cannot be ignored as the flow rate of the basic grease.

In many cases, the dust bag is made of absolute precision filter bag, which is basically formed by the effective form of fiber heat fusion. The outer layer is made of a thickened material, and at the same time it can provide very sufficient. The filter layer, in this case, is usually a very effective large-diameter filter element, mainly by enhancing the overall filtration effect, which is an effective ability to accommodate magazines and improve the effectiveness of the equipment. The service life is no problem.

There is also a form of dust-removing cloth bag which is basically a kind of nylon or polyester polymer material. It is mainly used to filter fine impurities or dust. The biggest advantage is that it can be used repeatedly.

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