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Prostech China Company Limited. is a professional manufacturer specializing in air filtration (application range: atmospheric filtration system, local dust exhaust filtration system inside the plant, vacuum system, high pressure air filtration system and other more sophisticated filtration systems). Through technical cooperation with Donaldson of the United States, the company has continuously applied innovation and research and development to use TORIT&DCE series products in mechanical casting, rubber tire manufacturing, automotive glass manufacturing, metal processing, welding and cutting, chemical coatings, food processing, pharmaceutical and other industries. Dust filtration and collection operations in the field, and for various industrial pollution prevention and control cases, from planning, design, construction to commissioning operation, provide customers with a complete process of supporting engineering planning, and the most complete and effective pollution control system.

The company has professional technicians and on-site construction instructors. It has accumulated more than ten years of experience in planning and designing air filtration and dust removal fields, and has a supporting pipeline and equipment manufacturing workshop. It is a professional technical construction team.

With reliable technical expertise, advanced scientific solutions and excellent service spirit, the company has won 100 groups including GM, Cargill, Saint-Gobain, Toyota, Taiwan Liuhe, Taiwan Zhengxin and AstraZeneca Pharmaceuticals. Long-term trust and support of the company. The company will continue to provide professional air filtration and dust control technical services to major enterprises in the spirit of professionalism, reliability and continuous innovation. Whether it is in food processing, agricultural products, medicine, cigarettes or power generation, casting, metal processing and other fields; whether it is flammable, explosive or toxic dust, or harmful forms of dust, etc. Shen company has proven equipment and solutions to solve your problems.

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