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Three methods for maintaining the sensitivity of dust collector equipment in winter

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Three methods for maintaining the sensitivity of dust collector equipment in winter

Three methods for maintaining the sensitivity of dust collector equipment in winter

1. Flue gas temperature control of dust removal equipment

The temperature of the flue gas is sometimes high. In order to maintain the filter bag and extend its service life, the temperature of the flue gas entering the dust collector must not exceed 120 °C. For this purpose, a temperature measurement point is set adjacent to the air inlet and the flue gas channel in front of the precipitator. A mixing valve is installed between the temperature measuring points, and the temperature of the flue gas is rapidly increased by the thermal resistance. After the temperature display pulse controller is used to open and close the air mix valve, the control logic is: when the air mix valve is opened, the pipe is mixed with cool air, and then the intention to control the temperature of the smoke is reached.

2. Control request for dust removal equipment

The effect of cleaning ash directly affects whether the precipitator system can operate normally. After a period of operation of the precipitator system, the soot capture rate is reduced. Even the situation of burning filter bags, etc., the main reason is because the cleaning effect is not good, in order to strengthen the role of cleaning, the system uses off-line compartments to turn off the dust, all the dust collectors divide the multiple chambers, through the valve and The outlet ducts are connected, and the valves of one chamber are closed when the ash is cleaned, and the chamber is taken offline. The pulse valve sends a compressed air to the filter bag through the nozzle, and a chamber is equipped with a plurality of pulse valves, which are sequentially blown, and the cleaning is finished, and the valve is opened. Similarly, all the dust collectors are cleaned room by chamber. .

3. Dust removal equipment control method

The cleaning control has two main methods: constant pressure control and punctual control. The constant pressure working method is to use the pressure difference ΔP between the inlet pipe and the outlet pipe of the dust collector to announce the cleaning operation signal by the differential pressure transmitter. This control method is continuously carried out according to the practice of the filter bag. The ash has low energy consumption and few pulse action times.

Regarding the maintenance method of the dust removal equipment in the cold winter, this is very important and important, so it is necessary to unify the attention of each operator. Therefore, we will introduce and point out the above for everyone. Can play a role in helping everyone understand.

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