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Pulse bag filter operation rules

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Pulse bag filter operation rules

The operation procedure of the pulse bag filter is operated locally: close the power switch, the power indicator light is on, switch the local remote switch to the local position (ie, turn the switch to the left), press the fan start button, the fan starts running, observe If the fan is turned correctly, after the fan is turned to normal, it can be put into normal dust removal work. If it needs to be cleaned and ashed after a period of time (such as clearing the air before opening the air compressor with air compressor), press “Clean”. Start "New", the pulse valve will open the cleaning, the screw machine and the ash discharge valve will work at the same time. If you need to finish the cleaning work, press the "cleaning stop" button. If the dust removal work is finally stopped, press the "fan stop" button. Just fine.

Remote control: switch the local remote switch to the programmed position (ie, turn the switch to the right), remote start unit short dry contact HJ delivery, fan operation (such as with air compressor, air compressor running at the same time), as long as the fan When the steering is correct, the dust can be put into normal dusting. At this time, the timing cleaning control is implemented, that is, the dust removal operation is performed for a period of time (about 1 to 2 hours adjustable), the cleaning control is automatically input, and the screw machine and the ash discharge valve are automatically operated after being put into operation ( Adjusted in about 2 minutes), after working for a period of time, automatically stop the cleaning, and then enter the next automatic dust removal, cleaning, and ash discharge cycle, until the remote stop unit short dry contact TJ is delivered, the unit stops.

Note: The dust collector unit realizes online cleaning control; the time interval between the unit timing cleaning and the online cleaning time is automatically executed by the time relay (adjustable); before opening the dust, pay attention to open the air compressor and the air valve on the equipment. Have a source of air and pressure. Maintenance and maintenance of the pulse bag filter: Determine the regular ash maintenance time according to the dust of the dust collector. Regular discharge of water is determined based on the accumulation of water in the air bag.

Always check whether the dust cleaning system of the dust collector is working normally. If it is not normal, focus on checking the diaphragm valve loss, whether the electromagnetic pulse valve is malfunctioning, and replace it in time. The filter bag should be cleaned in time and replaced regularly. Regularly check whether the equipment is operating normally according to fluctuations in equipment resistance. Always check the use of consumables according to the list of consumables. Regularly replenish the lubricating parts of the equipment. The gear unit is changed once every six months, and the bearing lubrication points are replenished once a week. Pay attention to check whether the sealing degree of the electric control box is intact, prevent the water from entering the dust, and often clean the dust in the electric control box.

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