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Analysis and solution to the cause of damage inside the dust bag

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Analysis and solution to the cause of damage inside the dust bag

The wear inside the dust bag is often the case when the dust bag is used. What is the cause of this? Is there any way to solve it? Let's explain it to you!

Most of the inside of the bag is damaged because the outer diameter of the dust-removing skeleton and the inner diameter of the bag are too large, causing the swinging amplitude of the bag to be ashed and filtered to be too large, and the inner side of the bag and the dust-removing skeleton are rubbed, causing the inner side of the bag to wear.

The inside of the dust bag is damaged at the dust-removing frame, and there are rust marks on the wear. Most of the dust-removing skeleton is corroded and the surface is formed with an angular oxide layer. At this time, the surface of the dust-removing skeleton is like sandpaper, and each time it is cleaned, the bag will be seriously rubbed. Once, the final wear bag. Use a high-quality dust-removing frame that matches the dust bag to avoid wear on the inside of the bag.

The dust bag is the heart of the entire dust collector, and the failure of the dust bag will make the whole device unable to operate normally. The wear of the dust bag is mainly related to the design, application, manufacture and installation quality of the dust collector. The wear process starts from the local, but as long as a small wear hole is formed, it will spread quickly, resulting in greater bag damage. Therefore, in the daily use of the dust bag, strengthening the inspection and inspection during the operation, and early detection of small wear is also an important factor to avoid the wear of large-scale bags.

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