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The main influencing factors of low dust removal efficiency of bag filter

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The main influencing factors of low dust removal efficiency of bag filter

The main influencing factors of low dust removal efficiency of bag filter are:

 First, the nature of dust. The dust removal efficiency of the bag filter is directly related to the size, severity, shape, electrostatic effect and dust concentration of the dust particles. According to the environmental protection experts in Dongguan, the dust removal efficiency is high for dusts with large particles, large weight, irregular shape and obvious electrostatic effect.

 Second, the performance of dust bag.

 The performance of the filter cloth has a great influence on the dust removal efficiency and resistance. The filter cloth material should have the following conditions:

  1. It can block the passage of fine dust. The perforations of the latitude and longitude of the fabric should be small, while the latitude and longitude lines themselves should be thin to increase the effective area of the sieve and reduce the resistance.

  2. The fluff of the fabric is long and flexible, so that it can cover the perforations and has a certain strength;

  3. In order to facilitate the cleaning with reverse airflow, the fluff of the fabric is located on the side where the dusty air contacts.

 Third, the impact of filtration speed

The lower the filtration speed, the easier it is to form a primary dust layer with a small diameter and a large porosity, and the finer dust particles can be trapped. When the filtration wind speed is too high, the penetration of the dust particles into the filter material is intensified, and the filtration efficiency is lowered. Of course, the penetration phenomenon can also be overcome by selecting a suitable filter material. In addition, when some filter materials change the filtration wind speed within a certain range, the dust removal efficiency is hardly affected.

Fourth, the impact of the dust layer on the filter material

When the bag filter is put into operation, there is no dust layer on the new filter material. At this time, the ability to collect dust is low. As the filter powder process progresses, the dust layer gradually forms and the dust removal efficiency increases accordingly. When the dust layer is completely formed, The filtration efficiency can reach more than 99%, and it also has a good trapping effect for fine dust particles of less than 1 μm.

 5. Air leakage and resistance:

 Theoretically, the dust removal efficiency of the bag filter is up to 99%, but it is not achieved in the actual measurement, mainly due to the influence of air leakage and resistance. The lower the air leakage rate, the better the dust removal effect; the resistance has a certain influence on the dust removal effect electrostatic precipitator, often Empty the filter bag to reduce the drag and improve the dust removal effect. The dust collecting hood should be as close as possible to the burner head, so that the dust can enter the hood more easily, increasing the dust collection and reducing the pollution caused by unorganized emissions.

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