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ADD:No. 2, No. 396, Dujia Road, Zhoushi Town, Kunshan City

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Since the day of his birth, the spirit of continuous innovation has been accompanied by enterprises to overcome difficulties one after another. It has inspired him to go out of the new way of "joint development" with the outside world, established a pragmatic and efficient new system, and determined a new direction of independence and autonomy. From imitating innovation to following innovation, to pursuing leading innovation, innovation has become an inexhaustible driving force for Qushen to take off and surpass himself. The passion and dream of Wa Shen's struggle. Has nurtured the spirit of Wa Shen unwilling to lag behind and daring to innovate.


Good faith management 

1533022263360075.jpgHonesty is the brand, and honesty is the price, which is the professional ethics that Van Shen has always pursued. We regard "responsible for users, shareholders, employees and society" as the lifeblood of enterprise development. Whether it is the critical moment of sudden change of business situation or the period of smooth development, we always adhere to the business philosophy of honesty and law-abiding, and change people's hearts for people's hearts, quality for credibility, and service for sincerity. 。 Honesty shapes the team and the team creates the brand.


Social services

Self-dedication and serving the society are the motive force for successful enterprises. Have the courage and confidence to echo the times; have the courage to take the ladder for the success of others; have the courage to rise to success in the face of pressure in difficult situations; have the enterprise spirit of striving to pursue "fame and wealth" and dare to assume responsibility.


Quality oriented

1533022889528999.jpgFor the common vision and goal, we lead the future. With first-class products, leading the new trend of the industry, expanding new areas of the industry with excellent services, and casting a new image of the first-class enterprise with the concept of "Shen Shen".


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